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Client Gratitude


It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside Wendy these past six months. Her hands-on approach, experience, focus and kindness is always above and beyond our expectations.

To have a locum CA when we have needed help has been a tremendous support to us as practice owners.  Not to mention having her mentor/coach some members of the team has brought huge amounts of energy and inspiration. We wholeheartedly welcome this support and believe Wendy is serving a much-needed gap in the Chiropractic profession as a locum CA/CA coach mentor.

Should you as a practice owner ever need help with mentoring and supporting your front desk team, don’t hesitate to contact Wendy to bring some much-needed guidance and energy. She is the best woman for the job and a total Rockstar! 

Connell & Hayley Dorrian

Harrow & Imperial Chiropractic

Simon Gough, Calderdale Chiropractic
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